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How It Works

Tips For Years of Great Naps!





Once you receive your Kozysak take it out of the fabric bag and place it “sheet side” down on the mattress of a portable crib (mattress can be taken out or stay in the crib).

Lift one end of the Kozysak and tuck the pocket of the fitted sheet over one end of the mattress. Repeat on the opposite end and now
Kozysak will be ready to use.

The blanket also has a pocket that can be inverted and pulled over the top of the mattress for cooler nights. You can use just use the quilt top or that can be folded over the end of the
mattress. In addition to that, you can insert the end of the quilt into the pocket of the blanket and that can be wrapped over the end and secure. Then it's single layer sleeping and
won't come out.

The Kozysak will fold itself  into place. Place it “quilt side” down and fold 1/3 up and then fold again 1/3 and it will tuck into the fitted sheet. It will now be secure and can be used as a changing pad on the go, or as a pillow if folded in half. Kids love it because it smells like them and it's soft and cuddly.

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