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How It Started

The Kozysak started in 2009 when a woman reached out to me because she wanted a sleeping bag for a portable crib while she camped.  She coudnt get enough blankets to keep her kids warm at night and easy to use. We started drawing some designs and got to work.  I bought comforters from department stores and cut them and used old sheets and reshaped them to make a prototype.  We finally agreed on a style and off we went to the patent office.  It was so exciting to see this could work. 

The solution to lost blankets and great nights and naps, had begun.  We made lots of changes and many hours and fabric used, we have a great product. We attended birth and baby shows to promote the Kozysak, in the SF Bay area.   Ive continued  the sewing and started the patent process but not alone, this woman gave me the idea for what it is today.  We are still friends but the business is mine.  This product is so easy to use for naps and night but also can be used for much more.  Thanks for reading our story. 

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